Data Strips

Data Strips are an essential component of most retail environments, providing an effective way to display key information about your products to customers.

Our wide variety of Data Strips are available in various heights, lengths, and colours to suit most shelving systems & fixtures...

Data Strips, also known as Shelf Stripping, Adhesive Strips, Ticket Strips or Label Holders are typically applied to the front edge of shelves in retail stores or supermarkets to display product information such as pricing, barcodes & promotional material.

Wide Range of Data Strips

Bricor has many different types of Data Strips available for a range of different retail shelving & applications.

  • Flat Data Strips
  • Shelf Talker Grip Data Strips (Grip Strip).
  • Angled Data Strips
  • Top Mounting Data Strips
  • Clip-On Data Strips
  • C-Channel Data Strips
  • Hanging Data Strips
  • Hinged Data Strips
  • Bullnose Data Strips
  • Flip Ticket Holders (For Front of Display Hooks)
  • Custom Data Strips

Key Features of the BRICOR Data Strips

Bricor’s Data Strips are known for their quality, longevity & functionality and it is these factors that have made them the most trusted & reliable Data Strips on the Australian market for 20 years.


  • BEST Adhesive Strength
    Bricor only uses the BEST quality German double-sided adhesive tapes for all of its data strips. These tapes have shown to have the BEST Peel Strength and the BEST Shear Strength of any product on the market.
  • Adhesive vs Temperature
    Bricor’s Adhesive Tapes have a broad temperature range making them ideal for both grocery & refrigeration areas.
  • Plastic Adhesive Liners
    A Polypropylene Plastic Liner over the tape surface is used as it will not tear when applying the Data Strip. Paper liners tend to tear and make application of the Data Strip slower and more cumbersome.


  • PVC Formulation
    The PVC formulation used in our Data Strips is a carefully crafted composition of multiple additives which maximise their life expectancy in retail environments & enhance their visual properties.
  • UV Stabilisation
    This additive can help reduce yellowing & discolouration caused by particular forms of lighting and sunlight.
  • Impact Modifiers
    Help stop the PVC material from becoming brittle even at refrigeration temperatures and helps to reduce breakage from day-to-day use in the retail environment.
  • PVC Flexibility
    Flexibility of the front Clear section of the Data Strip allows for easy use while also reducing the amount of stress that is placed upon the Adhesive when it is pulled forward.
  • Optimally Clear PVC
    Transparency of the Clear Front Section is imperative for a clean viewing experience for customers. Other Data Strips made with cheaper materials can have a cloudy appearance which may obstruct the view of the ticketing information & look unprofessional.

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