Technical Tips

Technical Tips


Bricor Double Sided Adhesive Tapes.

A key element to any stick on Data Strip is the double sided adhesive tape that is used. This should always be of the highest quality to ensure the long term use of the data strip.

Bricor has done extensive research into the best performing and most cost effective double sided adhesive tape for the specific application involved. Bricor only uses the best quality German double sided adhesive tapes for all of its data strips.

These tapes have shown to have the BEST Peel Strength and the BEST Shear Strength of any product on the market. This simply means the best long term adhesive capability of any data strip product on the market today.

Many of the double sided adhesive tapes used on data strip today are susceptible to plasticiser migration. That is, the polymer molecules in the plastic material migrate into the double sided adhesive tape and affect the long term adhesive strength and holding capability of the data strip. This in turn means adhesive failure causing the data strip to come away easily. Bricor has chosen to use an adhesive tape that is especially resistant to plasticisers so that it offers a secure and long term bond even at elevated temperatures.

It should be noted that not only do the Bricor adhesives have a powerful initial bonding strength but they also increase significantly in adhesive strength in the first 72 hours after the initial application. This in turn guarantees long term stability and performance of data strip.

Room Temperature Applications.

Bricor has chosen a Double Sided Adhesive Tape that has a broad temperature range. That is 2℃ to 80℃. Optimal temperatures are 10℃ to 35℃. Ideal for the Supermarket or Retail environment.

A Polypropylene Plastic Liner over the tape surface was also chosen because it will not tear when applying the Data Strip. Paper liners tend to tear and make application of the Data Strip slower and more cumbersome.

Refrigeration Temperature Applications.

Whilst the adhesive tape mentioned above can be used at refrigeration temperatures our research has shown that a German foam double sided adhesive tape has proven to be a better long term solution for this application.

Humidity and cold temperatures represent the biggest challenge for any double sided adhesive tape. Bricor has overcome these issues by using an adhesive tape that has a very high resistance to humidity. This ensures long term binding strength and capability.

Bricor has had it’s Data Strip using this German Foam Double sided adhesive tape on test at 2℃ for 4 years now and we have found that it is as solid today as it was when we applied it all those years ago.

The issue of cold temperatures represent a totally different challenge. That is, to find a double sided adhesive tape that can deal with the expansion and contraction issues of different materials (Metal and PVC) in these cold areas through temperature variations. Metal will expand and contract at a different rate to the PVC data strip and this presents a big problem for most double sided adhesive tapes.

Most of the thin non foam adhesive tapes have their adhesive bonds broken as the metal moves sideways at a different rate to the plastic data strip. So with this movement the adhesive strength is destroyed and the data strip will fall off.

With the Bricor foam adhesive tape however the foam itself allows sideways movement between the two adhesive surfaces and thereby maintains the integrity of the adhesive bonds. One adhesive surface is attached to metal surface the other is attached to the data strip. This Foam Sandwich construction of the double sided adhesive tape allows movement of the two adhesive surfaces independently of each other without compromising the adhesive strength of each.

The only downside of the foam double sided tape is that when you eventually decide to replace the data strip it will invariably delaminate when removing it. This simply means you will have a bit of extra work to clean off the adhesive from the metal surface.

Preparation of the Surface

The key to long term adhesive stability of your data strip is the preparation of the surface it is being applied to.

Bricor recommends the use of a clean rag and methylated spirits as the best cleaning agent for the preparation of the surface.

Even new shelving needs a clean with methylated spirits as there may be some residual grease and grime that is difficult to see and will affect the performance of the adhesive.

Do Not use Oil based cleaning agents like eucalyptus oil or kerosene. Oils and adhesives do not mix.

Applying the Data Strip

Once the surface has been prepared correctly the data strip can be applied. Start peeling the adhesive liner at the back of the data strip and attach to the shelf surface. Continue to peel the liner away and push the data strip onto the shelf. Once the data strip has been applied place a clean rag between your thumb and the data strip and slide your thumb and the rag (with pressure) across the data strip at the top section where the adhesive is located.

This will ensure good solid bonding to the surface which will increase significantly over the first 72 hours.

Other Important Facts about Bricor Data Strip

Bricor has been continuously working on improving the material formulation of the PVC for these Data Strip Applications.

Presently we believe we have an extremely clear material that shows good flex characteristics that are only seen in the best Data Strips on the market.

Bricor has included Impact Modifiers that help stop the PVC material from becoming brittle even at refrigeration temperatures.

We have also added UV stabilisers. This additive can help reduce yellowing caused by particular forms of lighting and sunlight.

The Bricor proprietary material formulation is designed to produce a consistently high quality Data Strip product that in combination with the best German adhesives produces the Best Long Term usage Quality Data Strip on the market today. 

By Michael English B. App. Sc.