Shelf Dividers & Pushers

Bricor’s Shelf Dividers & Pushers are the ideal solution for keeping your products neatly organised on shelves while reducing staff labour costs, increasing sales & enhancing the visual presentation of your store.

They are easy to install and can be moved around as needed, making them a versatile merchandising solution for any retail environment.

With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, Bricor’s Shelf Dividers & Pushers are designed to suit most existing shelving systems...

Shelf Dividers

The BRICOR Shelf Dividers are made from an Unbreakable plastic material, ensuring their durability and longevity in any retail environment.

Their Crystal-Clear design also maintains the visual appeal of the products on display, while keeping them neat and organised.

Our Clear Shelf Dividers are available in Heights of either 60mm or 120mm & come in a variety of Lengths to suit different shelf sizes.

Shelf Dividers may also be referred to as Shelf Separators, Shelf Holders or Shelf Organisers.


T-Rails enable the Shelf Dividers & Pushers to attach to your shelf.

They are positioned along the Front & Back of your shelf for the Shelf Dividers & Pushers to clip onto.

T-Rails come in 3 different versions:

  • Adhesive T-Rails: Suits Shelves with a Solid Flat Surface – I.e. Metal, Wood, Glass.
  • Clip-On T-Rails:     Suits Wire/Mesh Shelves
  • Magnetic T-Rails: Suits Flat Metal Shelves only

The Dividers & Pushers can slide along the T-Rails and can also be easily clipped & unclipped at any time, allowing for fast planogram & product layout changes.

T-Rails may also be referred to as Shelf Rails, Divider Tracks or Divider Rails.


The BRICOR Pushers automatically move your stock forward after every product removal, ensuring that your products are always faced up, visible and effectively merchandised to your customers.

Our Pushers are available in either a 6N or 10N Spring Strength.

  • 6N Strength is suitable for most light/medium weight products.
  • 10N Strength is suitable for heavier items.

By having your products consistently faced up & effectively merchandised, Bricor’s Product Pushers have proven to increase sales & further reduce the staff labour costs involved with shelf maintenance.

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