Display Hooks

Display Hooks are used to hang and display products on wall panels, gondolas and other display fixtures in order to make them more visible and accessible to customers.

They are a fantastic way of merchandising your products while maximising the use of space in retail stores & supermarkets.
Our wide range of Display Hooks suit many different types of products and are compatible with most existing fixtures & panels such as Pegboard, Volcano Punch Panel, Slat Wall, Flat Metal Panel, Grid/Mesh Panels & Crossbars...

Retail Display Hooks for Merchandising

Display Hooks are a cost-effective merchandising solution. They are typically easy to install, adjust, and remove, which means that retailers can change the layout of their store quickly and easily. This is especially helpful when setting up new stores or when making store layout & planogram changes.

Maximising Store Space

Retail Display Hooks help retailers make the most of their store space by using vertical surfaces such as pegboard displays & other display fixtures. This is particularly useful for retailers with limited square footage or smaller stores who want to create more space for their products without having to expand the store’s size.

Our Different Types of Display Hooks:

  • Fastback Hooks
  • Pegboard Hooks
  • Volcano Punch Panel Hooks
  • Slat Wall Hooks
  • Flat Metal Panel Hooks
  • Grid Wire / Mesh Hooks
  • Crossbar Hooks
  • Security Hooks
  • Specialty Hooks

Custom Display Hooks Available.

Bricor can create custom-made hooks in various styles, lengths, and wire thicknesses, among other options. This allows retailers to have a display hook that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Minimum Order Quantities may apply.


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